The services we offer:

  • Walking
  • Day Care
  • Holiday Cover
  • Feeding
  • Grooming


Our dog grooming and boarding services are based in the Southport area. We provide a home from home environment where your pets are cared for as if they are part of our family. We make sure your dog/s have the best of care at all times at a very competitive price.

For more information you can contact us via our contact form, telephone:


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e have multiple of services we can offer to all breeds and sizes in a spacious and comfortable environment.  We have the specialist equipment and tables, we only use the best biodegradable, ph neutral shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for professional grooming.


  • At love those paws we provide a friendly, honest and reliable dog walking service, dogs will be kept on a lead at all times unless we have written permission from the owner to say otherwise (this is for insurance purposes) all dogs will be returned clean and dry when wet and if the owners are happy a little treat to settle them back.
  • Prices £10.00 per hour and £15.00 for two dogs from the same household. weekdays.
  • Prices £12.00 per hour and £17.00 for two dogs from the same household weekends.

Bookings for 3 or 5 days will receive a discounted rate.

Holiday and Day Care

  • at love those paws my aim is to provide a home from home environment for your dog giving your pet the love and care you would expect from a true dog lover, dogs can be picked up and dropped off or if you prefer to drop off and pick up you can, no rules.

We will meet you and your dog before the boarding/day care date to establish their usual routine, such as diet, exercise, behaviour, favourite toys and if any required medication.

Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations and worming. We will ask you to provide proof of vaccination, as well as proof of flea and worming treatments before your dog will be accepted. You should also bring your dog’s own food for their stay

Pet Visit and Feeding

  • at love those paws we will pop in and check your pet making sure that they have plenty of water and food available, clean out litter trays and have a pamper session.
  • price £5.00 per visit :bank holidays £9.00
  • Other small pets e.g.. rabbits, hamsters, gerbils etc a home visit can be arranged.

On confirmation of bookings payments are required in full.

Checklist of what to bring for your dog

  • Vaccination Record
  • Dog food
  • Water and food bowl
  • Dog bed
  • 2 favorite toys


  • Full Groom all dogs receive a bath and blow dry, styling or hand stripped, nails clipped, ears cleaned and finished off with a fresh smelling dog cologne.
  • We will meet you and your dog before grooming so you and your pet can get to know us, we will discuss your requirements and any skin or medical conditions. Owners will be ask to complete a client card.
  • Boarding

    Female dogs in season cannot be boarded.IMG_0821

    • Discounts also available on long stays.
    • Dog Daycare prices based on UP to 8 hours/day [over 8 hours charged at £1 per hour extra]
    • Dog Boarding prices based on UP to 24 hours [over 24 hours charged at £1 per hour extra]
    • Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve & Good Friday all charged at double normal rate

    on confirmation of bookings payments are required in full.

    Owner Checklist while on Holiday

    Below you will find a checklist to ensure you are well prepared for your pets visit:

    Plan Ahead

    1. Call your vet ahead of time to inform them that you are away and should there be an emergency, as to the actions you wish for them to take.
    2. Have extra supplies of pet food available in the event that you cannot return when expected.
    3. Bring everything your pets may need.
    4. Be sure your pets are wearing their collars with identification.
    5. Put our number in with your travel documents so that if you are delayed, you can let us know.
    6. It may be advisable to include a piece of clothing that has your smell on should you be concerned about your dog having separation anxiety.

    Supplies For Your Pet

    • Food
    • Food/Water Bowls
    • Collar and ID
    • Lead
    • Dog Bed
    • Toys
    • Medication
    • Treats

     If your pet becomes ill whilst in our care

    Should your pet show signs of illness we will contact you immediately and take your pet to your designated vet if local, otherwise we will take your pet to our own vet’s, we will keep you informed of your pets condition. Any vet bills will be payable by the owner.